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To the hellhole
That most of us know
As life.

Around every corner
Is the possibility for
Newer, greater,
Stronger pain.

Just another little
Lava pit to fall into.
Burning your flesh off,
Like the scorn of the people.

Upon every staircase
Lay another boulder,
Ready to shove you down,
After you've climbed so hard.

Just another little
Inconvinience for  you,
Making you feel weak,
Like the ridicule of the world.

That's what life has been
For many people worldwide.
I know this...
Because I am one of them.

One of the people
To get stuck in the
Traps laid by those
Wishing to cause pain.

Friends and family to those
Who experience the same thing,
If not even harsher,
Day after day after day.

But that ends now!
No longer will we be stuck
Down here in the hot,
Painful depths.

Joining forces,
In love and friendship,
Trust and care,
We will find a way out.

And even if there is no escape
From this firey landscape...
We will forge our own area,
Where the grass grows green.

A place where we can all sit
Together, side by loving side,
And stare at the evils that be
Who long to corrupt our land.

But they can't get in,
We won't let them.
Together, we're strong;
Stronger than they are.

All we must do
Is join hands and
Stand our ground.
No matter how far apart we are.

So please,
Take my hand
And stand tall.
Let's all join hands.

The hated,
The outcasts,
The unloved,
The scarred...

The broken,
The weak,
The young,
And the old.

Joining hands,
We can forge this
New land we desire
Out of this harsh land we don't.

All of us together
can push back the
Hateful demons
And live better lives.

So let's do it.
Even if we can't escape,
Let's stand tall and strong,
Hand in hand.

And let's forge this new,
Wonderous land we deserve.
I wrote this yesterday (9/25/2012) before my first period class started (so somewhere around 7:15 EST).

Hopefully one of my more powerful, inspiring pieces.

Enjoy. :)
BleedingProphecies Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Student Writer
This has a fierce, haunting beauty. I love it.
WildFangWolf Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, thanks. :)
BleedingProphecies Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Student Writer
You are very welcome ^^
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